Is Mario Kart 64 sports? Yes! The time-trial mode of the Nintendo64 cult game calls for good eye-hand coordination besides lightning reaction time, power of concentration and endurance. In this mode the player pursues only one goal: Race one lap or one entire course faster then ever before. Luck does not play a role here, since the opponents move identically every time; that is why the sportsman has to produce the cognitive performance to remember the movements of obstacles and opponents.

Despite this well-trained acute coordination is needed in order to trigger off the difficult 'mini-turbos' as often as possible. The endurance skill mentioned is obvious if you consider an up to 5 hours practice run. After long racing, however, fighting your alter ego is tiresome. That is why there is Mwhere you can find the official world rankings and other stuff worth knowing about this underestimated bordersport.

Here can also send your best times the guys from Mariokart64 and acchieve classification in the world ranking. ALL times are accepted! But Caution: If you get caught because of fake times you will be banned for life. This emphasizes the moral code a karter has to accept in order to gain a foothold in this sport.

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